Sunday, February 9, 2020

Guys Stop It!

"Guys, Stop it!" Hadi exclaimed.
"Just because I used to be a guy, and now I have this girl body doesn't mean you can just poke my breasts at your will!" but Budi ad me were just laughing at him.
"Well, to be honest, its a pleasure to play with so bouncy!" I said to Hadi. We watched as his face turned red.
"No, guys please... stop it. Its embarrassing. Its embarrassing enough to have my body stolen and  now have to live as this girl. And you guys messing with me really not helping me at all. I thought coming to you guys would help me out..." He said as he crossed his arms on his chest tried to block our hands.
"Okay, calm down.. Your body might have been stolen, and you're stuck as girl now. But look at the bright side, you got to play with these all day!" Budi said as he reached and squeezed both of Hadi's breasts.
Hadi sat there quiet and started crossing his legs.
"Um guys, I feel something tingling down in my crotch."


  1. I'm quite surenhis friends will be happy to take away that tingling sensation. 😃😆

  2. Wow it's fun for the friend to play with the new bodies