Sunday, February 9, 2020

Guys Stop It!

"Guys, Stop it!" Hadi exclaimed.
"Just because I used to be a guy, and now I have this girl body doesn't mean you can just poke my breasts at your will!" but Budi ad me were just laughing at him.
"Well, to be honest, its a pleasure to play with so bouncy!" I said to Hadi. We watched as his face turned red.
"No, guys please... stop it. Its embarrassing. Its embarrassing enough to have my body stolen and  now have to live as this girl. And you guys messing with me really not helping me at all. I thought coming to you guys would help me out..." He said as he crossed his arms on his chest tried to block our hands.
"Okay, calm down.. Your body might have been stolen, and you're stuck as girl now. But look at the bright side, you got to play with these all day!" Budi said as he reached and squeezed both of Hadi's breasts.
Hadi sat there quiet and started crossing his legs.
"Um guys, I feel something tingling down in my crotch."

Friday, February 7, 2020

Unknown Number

An text from an unknown number came to my pone a few days ago. She claimed to be an old friend, and her name is Daisy. I don't remember I knew anyone name Daisy.

But she kept texting me saying she needed my help. At this point I started realising that this might be a scam, asking for money. But then she said that she don't want any money she needed someone to swap body with. It sounded ridiculous, so I went along with it.

Until she sent a link to download an app. I was worried that it might be phising app, but I downloaded it anyway. And as soon as I started the app, a zap from my phone electrocuted me. And I realized that I was now staring at a different phone, with a different arms!

The app somehow swapped our bodies, leaving me in Daisy's and she's in mine. I checked out the body I was in, and a pair of huge breasts greeted me. My hair was long, and my skin was covered with tattoo.

"Thanks for the body! Enjoy your stripper life, Daisy!" It was the last text she sent me before blocking my number. I guess I have to settle in her life now.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Not Enjoying It

"Come on, its been a week since we swapped, you promised me one week..." Frank said from Lana's body asking his fried to swap back.
"I've told the boys we'll go hangout at the bar tonight... One more day, please..." Lana begged
"I thought you enjoyed being me when we first swap."Lana said while eyeing at her friend's sexy attire
"Well yeah, you actually have a very sexy body. And I'm so grateful to be able being you for a week. But I think its enough. I'm not enjoying it now. Your hair always getting in the way. And its uncomfortable having this boobs, if I'm wearing a bra it hurts but if I don't your boobs just keep moving... and also I started to feel cramp in your pussy these few days" Frank complained

"Oh right! Its the time for my period! Oh My God.. I'm so sorry for that... But sorry bud, I really wanna hang out with the boys at the bar tonight.. I promise we'll swap back tomorrow, okay? Now I need to go bye beautiful!"

Monday, February 3, 2020


"Come on buddy, don't you like chicken nuggets?" George trying to feed his son, as he raised a pice ofnugget and offered it to his son.
"No! I want to eat it with Amy! I want Amy!" cried the little boy.
"Amy? Your babysitter? I believe she's busy studying for her exam pal. How about tomorrow I'll call Amy over and you could have ice cream with her!"
"No! I want Amy now!"
"Well, you leave me with no choice... I hate to do this.." George sighed under his breath as he left the room and went to the laundry room to pick up some of Amy's clothes that she left.

George has this shapeshiting ability to turn into anybody just by wearing the person's clothes. It was weird for him to turn into the babysitter, especially the clothes she left was only a top and a panties. But he put them on anyway, and in an instance he could feel his body shited into Amy's form.
"Hey buddy! Your dad just gave me a call, said you don't want to eat. You have to listen to your dad, you know.." George walks into his son's room
"Yay! Amy! You're here!"
"Of course I'm here. Now come on, eat up!" George said as he picked up the nugget and handed it to his son' mouth. Without any hesitation his son, grabbed it and eat it. He even finished the whole plate.
"Good job buddy! Now you can play here while I go out clean the dishes!" George said and walked out of the room wth the empty dishes. He was about to take off Amy's clothes and return to his former self. But as he tried to pull down Amy's top, George was curious and slid his hand into the top feeling Amy's hardened nipples. while his other hand started to slid down her panties, trying to get a feel of Amy's private part

Saturday, February 1, 2020

While I can

"I better enjoy this body while I can" Benji whispered to himself as he started groping his borrowed body. He didn't think the spell possession spell hefound was actually working.

Benji tried to use the spell on his sexy neighbour while she was ardening, and he was excited when he foundhimself in her body on her yard. Benji didn't waste any time to start pleasuring imself. He know he only have 1 hour before the spell ran out and put him back to his body.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Desperate to Take It Off

It was fun at first. Putting on the new bodysuit that I bought in Japan. With its realSkin technology, the suit really made it feel like it was you real skin, your real body. Plus, I bought the preium suit which means all part of the body was functional, including the suit's pussy. It sends the pleasure exactly the same just as like a really pussy would.

I had played with myself in the suit for three days now, avoiding outside world and even my work. I justplunged myself in the pleasure of my new part. But now I really have to take the suit off. I can't keep pretending to be my sister and calling in sick at my office. I also need to buy more groceries at the store. And of course, theres no way I'll ever go out in public looking like this.

So as soon as I found the zipper at my neck, I'll take this bodysuit off. The only problem is I can't find it anywhere.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


 "Ahhh Finally...." Aaron sighed as he tosssed his bra to the side. He felt the relief taking of the bra from his massive chest. A few weeks ago Aaron used a spell to possess his coworker, Claire. He was planning on possessing Claire just for a day, just to play with her massive chest and maybe even experience orgasm as a girl.

However he was unable to get off her body. He tried to use the same spell but nothing happened, he remained inside Claire's body. So he have no choice but to assume Claire's life just avoid any suspicion. It was weird enough at the office about the disappearance of Aaron.

Now Aaron has started to settle into the routines of Claire's day to day life. And he always enjoyed the moment when he gets home so he could take off his bra, and letting his breasts hang free.

Monday, January 27, 2020


As soon as I completed putting on the entire set of the artifact I could feel my body shifted. Mr. Devin, my archaeology professor stood in front of me in awe.
"I didn't think the myth was real.." He said as he raised his hand and reached for my developped breasts. He gave it a firm squeeze and rubbed my hard erected nipples.
"How does it feel?" he asked, I didn't answer but could only moan as the pleasure I was experiencing was like no other.

Mr. Devin then quickly snapped himself back, and asked me to quickly take of the artifact before the magic consumed me and it couldn't be reversed. But I refues to take it off, and I pulled him inviting him tohelp me explore more of my new body

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Chinese New Year

I'm so lucky that my girlfriend agreed to swap places with me during Chinese New Year. Sh said so I can experience her culture first hand. I have to say that it was so weird to see Mei's face everytime I look at the mirror, but I can get used to it.

Even wearing her dress was odd, but she looks really cute though. I mean, I look really cute. Now its time for us to go to her parents house ad celebrate New year, while I introduce my new boyfriend..

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Fountain of Womanhood

"Come on! Have a taste of this water!" Professor White said to you after you found the Fountain of Womanhood that used to be a legend. He playfully splashed the water around, and laughing cheerfully.
"I did not believe this is real! Look at me! I a young again and I am so damn hot!" he squeaked in glee. It was the biggest discovery of the century, and it surely will also change the world, especially your world as you undress yourself and began drinking the water from the fountain.